Verizon is a big stake holder of the Mobile India

Verizon is looking beyond providing wireless services as it sees that the Mobile industry is taking over and it’s time to change as things are changing . First Verizon launched a Mobile video streaming which might be free and monetized with sponsored listing of a couple of bucks of monthly fee if you don’t want no ads displayed on content .

But the more interesting thing is that Verizon want to buy Yahoo and let’s say Verizon buy Yahoo ! It will position the company into a big place to be one of the key dominators of the Mobile industry. The company will then needs to turns it’s Video streaming service and compete Google’s YouTube and rebrand Yahoo’s messaging service to take it’s place on the social media industry .

Verizon wireless will soon be Verizon Mobility and set it’s challenges to compete with the industry’s share holder and it’s possible that the company will have an amazing place out there .