Cloud technology on mobile devices 


Cloud technology seems to be the most important thing on  Mobile devices . Without cloud servers we won’t be able to store or save stuffs  . If  mobile devices are humans , cloud technologies are the brains which allows it to remember , they could be consider as indispensable nowadays .

Do you know how dependable our mobile devices ? How much things can we do with smartphones ? All our activities on mobile devices are converted into billions of datas which can be save to what they call could servers and those cloud servers turn those data cookies into a billion dollars business when those cookies are used by advertising companies .

The picture we take , the audio includes call records , documents , selfies etc stores into cloud servers .  that’s why Tech companies such as apple’s iCloud , Google’s Drive , Dropbox ,  Microsoft, Blackberry and again IBM which recently bought a big cloud tech startup are investing money and researches on the cloud industry .

Cloud technology makes life easier , how many among us lose their smartphones everyday and because of the cloud servers they won’t lose any single data ? Cloud technology’s benefits cannot be listed in one single article because it effect lot of industries .