Google search for Mobile Devices


Google App for mobile announcing a new way for Google to deliver search results for Mobile devices  that is going to be the priority as Mobile users growing globally . The Google search App is not just a   search tool  inside your smartphone but has more features than just typing to find results as you usually do on .

The Google App enable the search Tab on your Mobile phone where you can just say ” Okay Google ” and the app will be ready to be your virtual assistant , don’t tell me that your finger hurts , you dont need to type , just say Okay Google how is the weather in Tokyo and you get the answer as fast as 123 .


This App also has huge benefits for advertisers as soon as Google start delivering in-app ads on it’s Google App , Advertisers would be able to show their products to increase engagements .

And for Google to increase it’s app income by monetizing it’s virtual assistant app , it’s a win-win business where everyone feel himself , thanks Google for such a great service .