Mobile Banking has huge benefits


The evolution of Mobile banking have big benefit on both sides , banks and clients . Mobile banking give us faster access to our financial and business transactions and providing a new financial confidentiality .

 let’s take an example to Chase Bank new feature which allows client to activate paperless and get all their financial and transaction details through the Mobile site as well as inside their Chase App .

With that feature , you’re are making your bank report private and confidential , no one can see your business transactions .

2 – it’s a new way for the Bank to save money printing millions of statements and pay to ship them to different locations , that money could be use by the Bank to finance businesses or provide loans to the clients !

If you have Chase Bank you might consider to download their App and have your Bank statements on the Go . It’s not only Chase but most of the US Banks are providing great Mobile App for their client to be able have more financial freedom such as deposit checks , wire transfer or even use Apple Pay , Samsung Pay or Google Wallet to buy online or any NFC based payments .