iPhone X changes a lots about Mobility

The new apple iPhone X is a new new era of smartphone making and will change the new apps look on iPhones .

This is what you have to do if you have an IOS App .

Business :

1 – meet your developer to change your App design according to the new iPhone Screen resolution.

2 – reposition ads on your mobile app so that your ads won’t show weird on the phone X .

Enterprise Mobility :

1 – you can no longer show your battery percentage!

2 – you can’t open the phone with Facial recognition if your eyes are close but you can open it with one eye closes .

3 – Battery dies faster which is normal because this iPhone has more functionalities and additional features .

Fashion and Style :

4- you are more attractive with iPhone X than iPhone 6 , iPhone 7 or even iPhone 8 because of the Glasses built in and it’s neat style .

You will get lot of wow about iPhone X trust me , you have to get one .