Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus major changes

Samsung seems to be releasing its new Galaxy smartphones lil bit earlier than its previous predecessors . This is what we are screening so far . There won’t be a big changes in term of design but lot of changes are coming in term of features and so on .

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will have a big Gap in pricing, probably Galaxy S9 might cost a thousand dollars like the Apple iPhone X , but if you are a Samsung fanatic that won’t be a big deal , I spent over thousand dollars to buy my new iPhone X just to see how the phone looked and major features that differentiate it with the previous iPhone then I sold it to a friend .

I always buy smartphones because of their neat design, architecture as well as amazing features like awesome camera , fast processor and good built in of course .

If Samsung going to sell its Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for a thousand dollars it’s because it bringing something new and neat . I’ll be waiting to get more info from the next Samsung smartphones to share it with you .