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Call of duty coming for smartphones

According to Activision is now bringing out a new game just for smartphones. The company released a trailer showing what gameplay will look like.

It’s going to be really amazing, Call of Austria a game that men women girls and boys love to play mostly when there’s a version dedicated to smartphones.

I mean price won’t be a problem even if it’s $19.99, I’ll go for it. As long as I can ply it using my Android or IOS device.

If you are using a big screen smartphone such as iPhone XS Max or New Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus never hesitate to feet the Call of Duty for Smartphones.

Get ready to enjoy as soon as the Beta version is released.

Blackberry sues Facebook, this is why

BlackBerry stand seen at the Mobile World Congress on Feb. 26, 2018. Photo: Paco Freire/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Backberry is not as innovative as they use over the past decade but the company still taking advantages of its software and patent, according to Blackberry Facebook and its subsidiaries such as Whatsapp and Instagram are using its Patent! This is the both Continue reading Blackberry sues Facebook, this is why

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus major changes

Samsung seems to be releasing its new Galaxy smartphones lil bit earlier than its previous predecessors . This is what we are screening so far . There won’t be a big changes in term of design but lot of changes are coming in term of features and so on . Continue reading Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus major changes

Verizon is a big stake holder of the Mobile India

Verizon is looking beyond providing wireless services as it sees that the Mobile industry is taking over and it’s time to change as things are changing . First Verizon launched a Mobile video streaming which might be free and monetized with sponsored listing of a couple of bucks of monthly fee if you don’t want no ads displayed on content . Continue reading Verizon is a big stake holder of the Mobile India

Cloud technology on mobile devices 


Cloud technology seems to be the most important thing on  Mobile devices . Without cloud servers we won’t be able to store or save stuffs  . If  mobile devices are humans , cloud technologies are the brains which allows it to remember , they could be consider as indispensable nowadays . Continue reading Cloud technology on mobile devices 

Google search for Mobile Devices


Google App for mobile announcing a new way for Google to deliver search results for Mobile devices  that is going to be the priority as Mobile users growing globally . The Google search App is not just a   search tool  inside your smartphone but has more features than just typing to find results as you usually do on . Continue reading Google search for Mobile Devices