Apple hits the right industry with its new services

Since apple see sales of the iPhone dropped they decide to start thinking about new plans for the future revenue streaming like you know Apple is an innovative company they not doing smartphone business alone but also targeting a lot of revenue swimming in different industries like movies, TV, banks, etc.

Firstly, I’m going to talk about the movie industry, it’s a very competitive market where you can see Netflix HBO and YouTube and many different companies even Verizon projecting to dig into this business.

Secondly, a credit card like the apple card is going to be a big deal for the Cupertino giant, Apple can easily turn the Apple users to adopt the apple credit card.

There are millions of people are d the world using iTunes, buying Apple gift cards, music, movies. that means Apple won’t have a trust problem and it’s very easy and simple like drag and drop.

I mean Apple users better apply for apple credit card and start using them than using a third-party credit card. There won’t be any confusion about why you get charged for something you Don’t use.

To conclude, believe me, Apple will make a lot of money on its credit card business, having a credit line with apple will allow you to get an iPhone, MacBook Pro or even an iPad without the need of laying it in full .

Believe me, you better go apply one, one thing to mention, it’s actually open for people in the US and Canada.