Apple has a very good policy that prevent malware on it’s iOS environment

Today I would like to talk about mobile security which is one of the biggest issues that mobile users face on their devices.

when it comes to our smartphones security matter a lot, whether you are using Android or Apple IOS, You will need to download apps to make your phone up to date mean like you like to have a new service or a new Component edit to your smartphone to be able to do things, for example, drawing reading or learning new languages or live TV streaming movies or anything else all those things are done by apps that you can download from the App Store is one of the Google play stores if you are using Android devices or the App Store if you are using iPhones or iPads .

That’s the reason why most of the companies are using iOS devices to tie with their enterprise mobility end it all in their system to be hard to hack or two catch malware.

Even though a lot of people say that it’s hard to use the iPhones but because Apple has a lot of restrictions on its iOS devices that would make the device one of the most secure on the market in because of its restrictions that make the Apple devices very very very hard to hack Comparing it to the other mobile operating system.

Appellees almost controlling everything because this is the only way that the device can be a very secure for example if you want to put this song to your to your iOS device you will need to get it from the iTunes which is the mid to media platform by Apple or you will have to do it through your computer even if you a have Mac or a Windows laptop or any other laptop but you will need to quantity to Leah iTunes software do you have to install it to your computer then you will need to sign in to your iCloud then connect the cable to be able to put any songs, pictures or videos Do your iOS device because of this it’s not easy to get any viruses or malware Into an iOS devices .