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  • Why your business doesn’t need a Mobile App !

    Businesses are really interesting about mobile apps but it’s not all business need Mobile Application .

    Your business don’t need a mobile app if you have a significant presence on search engine such as Google , Bing and Yahoo .

    2 – if your website is mobile ready and friendly with different size of touchscreens and mobile operating system such as android and IOS .

    It’s not bad to have a simple app on each App Store just to show that you’re not out-date and you’re going with the evolution of technology but your company don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for having a presence on the App Stores .

    Conclusion , Mobile users may download numbers of app on their mobile devices but believe me , they don’t even have time to open them , just build a mobile ready website and a strong SEO to take your business to next level .

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