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  • Why Yahoo should add values on Mobility


    Yahoo is one of the biggest internet portal that is suffering a sickness and this sickness is lack of Mobility , Yahoo should have expected the Mobile turnover , Today’s internet is all about Mobile , Control it of perish ! .


    Read on Entrepreneur.com that Yahoo is going to lose a 100 million Dollars deal with AT&T because the Wireless Service provider awarding a portal service contract to a Buffalo based Telecom business which will take over Yahoo as host of the telecom giant’s web and Mobile portal and branded application .


    According to different analyses , it’s because Yahoo is not really doing good in terms of Mobile adoption , the executive should rethink about it’s Mobile strategies to keep the company remain strong to be able to generate new partnership in business business and enterprise mobility .

    Also reinvent it’s Mobile search portal , designing new streaming service for mobile and smartphones . Remember the only thing that matter most is Mobile.

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