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  • Why Samsung should rethink about smartphone pricing !


    Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge didn’t do as good as analysts expected which is a hard knock for the company for not selling too much Smartphones this

    year which will cause those smartphones price to drop below 600 USD .

    Samsung think reason why it’s smartphones are not selling is because the price were too high but as an analyst i may think further and deeper than that .

    It’s true that the Samsung Galaxy prices are expensive but also in terms of design it just look like an Iphone which is not attractive , Samsung have to reevaluate it’s design to be able to release smartphones that doesn’t look like any other smartphones in the market .

    Galaxy smartphone prices drop will be a great idea because the smartphone market is amazingly trending with beautiful smartphones made by companies like ZTE , HTC , LG and Motorola which recently releases it’s most beautiful smartphone Moto X style with a high  Gig of internal memory .

    Biggest mistake on the latest Galaxy Smartphone is the built-in memory , People just don’t like built-in memory smartphones , I don’t know how Apple succeed this bet ?

    Samsung should first focus on Cloud technology before releasing any built-in smartphones , A cloud technology that will not depends on  Google Backup because 64 Gig is nothing for those geeks who always make Videos or downloading movies , it always takes more memory when it comes to Videos .


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