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  • Why Google should prioritize wearable technology !


    Wearable technology is a trending business where the biggest tech companies and smartphones makers are investing like Apple , LG , Samsung , Huawei and so on ..
    But Google is not showing no significant attention on this industry ! Just released Smart Glasses called ” google Glasses ” which did not sell as expected .


    Can Google answer these questions? why Google is not prioritizing the wearable technology?

    Why Google is not releasing a Smartwatches like it’s competitors in this industry such as Apple , Google , Motorola, pebbles and others ?


    Does Google knows that wearable devices can replace touchscreen technology and be the greatest way to communicate with our Mobile devices ?

    Wearable devices can be a great tools for Mobile Banking , Health and fitness tracking and anything IOT ” Internet of Things ” .


    Google shouldn’t be pessimist because its first wearable device didn’t sell , the tech giant should try and keep trying , we are in a tech age where wearable technology can be more useful than we can even imagine .

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