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  • Whatsapp can be dangerous for you !

    Whatsapp is one of the most popular  social App that people use but most of them don’t even know that App maybe harmful for your social life .

    I use to use this app to communicate with friends abroad but when I changed my phone number I realize that someone might be seeing your privacy conversations includes pictures , text and voice ! .
    This is How ?
    Whatsapp is an app that only work on your Phone if you have an active number that the App can verify before you can use it , and this phone number maybe a number that someone has before which maybe a big risk for the previous owner if there are  conversations that was saved.
    Whatsapp server keeps most of our conversation which will help users to recover their conversation history and whenever you download Whatsapp on a smartphone the system will give you options as  restoring  previous conversation which mean that if your wife/husband boyfriend/ girlfriend want to access to your conversation history they only need your SIM Card , as long as they hand on your Sim Card they would be able to see all your chat history that was saved which maybe big trouble for you if you’re not in a honest relationship !
    I would consider to never give up my Phone Number once I start using Whatsapp , even if it’s not a social matter for a business matter as well .
    We all have some conversations that we don’t want nobody to see it , be careful with these social network apps .
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