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    More than 35 percent of  people  use smartphones without know those tricks and tips that is useful .
    You have to understand your Phone and these are 3 things to consider about your smart devices ;


    1 – Smartphones can be hacked and access your information ! so be careful what to download on your devices.
    2 – using android devices and advanced smartphones mean a weak battery life because of their sophisticated systems and features . You can’t expect more than three days of battery life if you’re very active using your mobile devices .


    2 – smartphone users are usually encountering memory space , that’s normal .


    3 – our Mobile devices freezes and get hot due to the App processing and multi/tasking !


    The only way to resolve this problem is to give your Mobile devices a little chance to relax and rest like turning it Off to ease the system .


    5 –  Mobile device are not like your brain which is able to provide you any information concerning data storage , search story etc unless you use a cloud backup . Make sure you use one of the largest Mobile Backup to make sure all your data are synced if you don’t want to lose them .

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