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  • Traditional wearable makers about to perish !


    Since the evolution of the wearable technology emerging , many Watch makers are struggling because of the Apple Watch , Samsung Gears and motorola’s Moto360 .

    When you say swatch we remember the world’s most beautiful watch that everyone enjoyed to have on their wrists but not these days because of the evolution of the wearable technology that allow you to have more than a beautiful watch .

    Samsung gear , Apple watch , Motorola’s Moto360 and other beautiful Smartwatches are taking watches to next level .

    It’s no longer a simple watch to just wear , it became a gadget that you can use for multi purposes such as browsing the web , playing games , recording videos , checking weather , reading new and more .

    That’s the reason why the traditional watches are going to perish and will make those Swiss watch Giants to experience lack of sales .

    Let’s say why swatch and Movado still have chance for the wearable industry ! , these two watch makers have big brand reputation , the only thing they need it to deploy a great technology integration to take wearable devices to next level .

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