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  • Top Ten Apps that successful entrepreneurs have on their smartphones !

    top ten apps

    If you want to be a successful entrepreneur , you might need to have these amazing apps that all successful entrepreneur have on their smartphone , as my grand father said , if you want to be someone you have to act like them !

    These are the following apps that all successful entrepreneur have on their Mobile phones , i won’t be able ti cite al of them but i will tell you couple of them for you to be able to start acting like a successful entrepreneur ! .

    1 – CNN Money .

    2 – Business Insider

    3 – Youtube

    4 – INC Magazine

    5 – MarketWatch

    6 – Kickstarter

    7 – Instagram

    8 – Facebook

    9 – Twitter

    10 – LinkedIn

    I would love to cite more but i have lot of stories and things to tell you, Keep checking i will provide you amazing blogs.

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    • mike

      I only use three of those Apps listed , CNN Money , MarketWatch and of course
      INC Magazine 🙂