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  • This is how IBM and Apple would revolutionize the future of Mobile


    Apple and IBM are working together as two tech giant that have big plans and vision for the future of technology and plus particularly for the future of Mobility , Apple  Is the biggest smartphone maker in the world , IBM is the leading tech provider who have big visions about engineering and infrastructure for IOT , Big Data and Mobility .

    Such as win win partnership between these tech giants will bring a fantastic components and new technology solutions for our mobile devices .

    Not only in terms of design and support , but also for enterprise mobility , IOT and will have a big impact for Smart-home .

    Apple might also take advantage of this partnership to gain support and assistance from IBM to integrate the IBM Watson technology into it’s Siri to take it into the next level , not only for virtual assistance but for bringing voice search into reality .

    When we talk about Voice search it doesn’t mean to be able to do a voice search but to get and technology that will enforce mobile search in a bigger dimension .

    These are what we are waiting on the partnership between Apple and IBM , it must be about Big Data , IOT and Mobility .

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