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  • The biggest purposes of buying a SmartWatch 

    Do you have a SmartWatch ? You definitely need one for these reasons ; do you exercise, are you always busy at work .

    I have three wearable devices , Moto 360 2nd Generation which is my favorite Wear because it’s the only SmartWatch that works perfectly not only for Android devices but it also works very good with iPhones . There’s lot of Wearable devices only work for Android or working poor with iPhones , that’s not the case with Moto 360 .

    If you’re busy and working as an accountant, delivery, salesman or any other job that keeps you very busy then you need a SmartWatch or if you do Sport , there are affordable Wear under hundred dollars that you can buy to be able to track your activity , control heart rate etc .

    People buy them because they know it makes you move easier and will save your Mobile device a lot of battery Life . I would recommend you Fitbit , Moto 360 , LG Watch , Samsung Gear or Apple Watch if you have an iPhone .

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