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  • Samsung to build new Smartwatches on Tizen 

    Samsung is taking a big responsibility by deciding to build it’s coming wearable device ” ” on Tizen , Tizen is the only operating system that Samsung could use to survive and make itself looks different with others android devices in terms of functionalities and features .

    The company intended to test it’s Tizen operating system in India earlier this year but never showed any ambition of building one of it’s official Smartphones or wearable devices on it’s operating system .

    Releasing a Smartwatch on Tizen might work as it might not work as it maybe consider as a late step that Samsung should have taken in the past three years.

    However it’s the only decision that Samsung may take that will differentiate it’s products comparing to other Android devices .

    Samsung have to entertain us a little bit more by leaving Android OS and bring something new that will make it more attractive and different with others .

    There’s lot of risks of course but what doesn’t have a risk is not good , when Samsung started to make android devices was a big risk but it did work well .

    Samsung can do lot of things alone but the courage is missing ! Android is not going to lead the market continuously , Starting something new will help build a prosper future .

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