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  • Samsung S8 : Here’s everything you should know about Samsung’s live or die smartphone

    Samsung release it’s Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone on Mars 29 in London. Prices will be different from basic to S8+ which will costs about €900 Euro or £799 Pound sterling , that is almost a thousand Dollars .
    That’s even more expensive that it’s predecessor but maybe Samsung is adding more features on this device and has a better quality in built-in .
    Samsung have to make sure that the previous mistakes on it’s Samsung Galaxy NOTE 7 won’t repeat in the future because it might kills customer trust while LG and Chinese major smartphone makers are doing great .
    The best advantage that Samsung has over other Android smartphone makers is reputation, once this mistake repeats again it will be the end of their emperor.
    Keep checking updates on the new Samsung S8 and S8+ for more about specs , critics and tips .

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