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    Samsung is going to release it’s Galaxy S7 with a huge changes that might happens on the Galaxy S7 abs S7 Plus regarding Memory , battery and shape .

    The major changes that might be coming with the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones is the memory , you and most of the smartphone users know how annoying is a built-in memory .

    Geeks are complaining about why samsung made it’s Galaxy S6 as a Built-In smartphone in the world where battery life issue is one of the biggest problem daily problem of our mobile devices .

    Second , the built-in memory is one of the biggest mistake that Samsung made on it’s S6 and NOTE5 smartphones , and Galaxy S7 might rectify that mistake , Samsung will probably puts an extended memory .

    Third , design is the most important part of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and is one of the reason why sanding sells millions of smartphones but Samsung must enlarge it’s Galaxy S smartphone to increase sales .

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