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  • Our Mobile devices are out of security


    Maybe you and me might think that when we are are using our smartphones mean that we are on privacy , reason why you and i put screen locks and passwords .

    In reality our Smartphones are out of privacy because of these fundamental component that all smartphones have :

    1 – Cloud Technology

    2 – Social Apps

    3 –  GPS



    CLOUD Technology , The Cloud Technology allow us to backup and save files such as , Photos , Videos , Documents and more .


    Sometime we don’t even realize that we set our smartphone to auto backup , Remember you don’t have to backup everything on your smartphone because someone might have access to it and see things that you never want no one to see it.


    SOCIAL APPS , Social Apps are the most popular Apps we use daily to cite couple of them ; WhatsApp , Instagram , Facebook , twitter , Vines and more .


    Some people think that Social Apps are diary , reason why them put everything they have done and even things they about to do , which is not a wise thing .


    Social Apps can tell what kind of person are you and tell lot about your personality which might be a tool for your enemies to tackle you as easy as one two three , So be careful of what you put in there .


    GPS , Geo Location is use by most of the Apps we use nowadays , there are several Apps in there which recommend your  GPS to be  enabled .

    If someone access on any account linked into your smartphones and make sure you enemies never have access to your Mobile Data because it became your whole life .

    Who control your Mobile Phone will definitely control your Life .

    This Blog a guide for consumers to be careful of what they put on their Smartphones .

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