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  • Moto 360 Smartwatch compatibility on iPhones

    moto360 smartwatch iphone vs android

    Just purchased Moto 360 second generation Smartwatch which is one of the best wearable devices the wearable industry has known .

    The Smartwatch look really beautiful and fancy in terms of fashion , it will sharpen your wrist and make you look good but I don’t really like how it cooperate with an Apple iPhone, there’s lot of work that need to be done by Motorola in order to make iPhone users enjoy the Smartwatch .

    For real , I tested with my iPhone 6 butting doesn’t really have full accessibility like when you use it with android smartphones which gives you full access to making and receiving calls as well as accessing music apps , games etc .

    The only regret I have using This device that accessibilities are very poor when you have an iPhone .

    If you don’t have an android device I would recommend you to get an Apple Watch which is specifically built for Apple devices .

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