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  • Mobile ad block a hard knock for the Advertsiing industry

    Mobile Ad block is resulting a big loss for the advertising industry which Google is the leading company , Yahoo , Google biggest internet sites includes News , Magazines , Apps are suffering  the Ad block .


    Google is generating most of it’s income from advertising , Yahoo , Microsoft and so on , The main reason of this loss is due to new Components on our Web Browser which allow the internet users to block Ads from internet sites , those ads allow websites to generate incomes and provide free contents to their visitors .


    This loss will drive the internet sites to start charging visitor for their contents by providing what they call ” Paid Content ” which Financial Times and several business sites use to remunerate their contents without depending on PPC known as Pay Per Click where site owners make money every time a visitor click on those ads appearing on their websites .

    Ad block is not only bad for content producers but also reduce the visibility of certain Companies whom invest millions of dollars on PPC for their visibility .



    and is also a bad thing for people who block ads because it will harm content producers , you will finally not able to download Apps for free or read quality contents because content producers and website are not able to provide you a free service where no income could be generated , so blocking ads is preventing you to get free contents .

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