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  • Microsoft Cortana challenges apple’s Siri

    Microsoft windows smartphones are not really doing great but when it comes to the new windows version which is the Windows Mobile 10 , Microsoft did a great job on it’s personal assistance ” SIRI” .

    What Microsoft did is to inspire Cortana in different cultures and realities , let’s say you live in Japan and you use Cortana on your Windows device , Cortana will act and talk like a Japanese , believe me this is really really amazing .

    Chinese Cortana talk in smiling / exciting tone , the other thing is that Microsoft expands Siri into different markets mean 7 countries each country has it’s different reality that’s why when you use Chinese Cortana , Italian Cortana they sound different and provide different contents .

    Cortana on each market knows what Windows users care about based on customer user focus group and their culture to define the type of personal assistant that meets each country to provide them an amazing personal service assistance .

    While Microsoft unveiling their personal assistance’s capability Apple unveiling it’s new Siri which expected to be more friendly and sufficient .

    This competition is going to be a big benefit for the smartphone industry by bringing more possibilities and support in term of personal assistance .
    Image courtesy Microsoft.com

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