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  • Is Wearable Technology the future ? Ultimate hints

    Wearable technology shows a remarkable progress this year with the release of several Smartwatches and wearable headphones and the enter of Apple Watch and Samsung’s first wearable Bluetooth headphones ” gear      ” these are great signs that wearable technology is able to take 15 to 25 percent of the market by 2018 .

    Apple , Samsung , LG and Microsoft have another battle field to compete but it’s a longways to go , it’s just the beginning of the Wearable Tech industry , amazing things are coming on this industry .
    When we talk about the wearable Tech , it’s not only Bluetooth gear or smart-watches , consider clothes and shoes they will also go smart 🙂
    Even fashion necklaces , women bracelets , bras they all going to be reinvented and that will be a fashion tech festival , believe me it’s going to be awesome ! You don’t see nothing yet , it’s just the beginning .
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