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  • How Mobile devices destroying our brains !


    Mobile technology are the engine of all our life activity , Phone calls , Shopping, banking , music etc …..
    Everything became Mobile , as mobile Technology are very advanced, human being get lazy after creating a device that meet all his need in term of data saving and storage .


    Those devices drive us stupid somewhat , this is how Mobile technology make lazy , we can’t even keep things on our brains because it’s faster to just touch your smartphone screen and save it to the cloud which can keep them for years !



    Older generations has better brain capability comparing to our generation that has everything needed not to keep anything on our minds ! our minds are now depending on the nano devices like smartphones and cloud technologies which allow us to do almost everything without an effort .


    After the apparition of Siri , Google voice or even Cortana , those virtual assistance make our interactions with Mobile devices easier than we could ever imagined!


    You can make calls , text , paid without touching your device everything is inspired to the algorithm which will understand your movements and voices .



    We consider these as a human development and advancing technology but on the other side it is definitely destroying our brains because it doesn’t perform as it suppose to .

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