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  • How Facebook and Google control your life !


    Maybe you know or not but this is happening ! I recognize that Google and Facebook are controlling our lives because we just can’t go a day long without using them !

    Google can tell a lot about you , it knows what you searching , watching , reading and writing !
    Our mobile life is between YouTube , Google search , Gmail , and it’s time to know that you’re more powerful than Google because without you , Google ain’t nothing , they making millions of dollars from us !
    How ?

    Google is putting ads everywhere ! On Gmail, search results , YouTube even on Google search tab on android device which allows you to search faster by clicking on the search tab .
    These tools allow Google to know what you like and what you don’t like .

    You might not know it by Google knows you more that your parents who’re raised you for years !
    Facebook is another thing they call social network but is more than a social network , acquired Instagram and WhatsApp !
    The social network giant knows your friend more than you do ! Can you just see how many of your friends that you didn’t see for years that Facebook brings on your smartphones everyday ?
    Do you know how many pictures you took last year ?

    It’s not funny Facebook know how many photos you took by it’s Instagram social platform !
    Now , what ?

    Facebook and Google are controlling your life from the A to the Z , they are your best company !

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