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  • Google’s new travel app is a hard-knock for Yelp 


    According to the German Blog then picked up by 9to5google . Google would begin testing a mobile App for the world travelers , the app is being trailed by a group of testers .

    The App will provides features such as tracking past and futures trip plans , recommendations about tourist destinations , restaurants , local hotels , condos transportation and more .

    Don’t be so curious Google this App will be soon available for the public and Google has chosen a catchy name ” Trips ” short and easy to memorize .

    Yelp have to set new plans and put more features  to compete google’s Trips because Google will have more advantages to knock Yelp out as Trips will be featured on Google’s products folder on millions of Android devices .

    It’s hard to compete with google products because if it’s android OS governance , all Google products are featured on your Android devices whether you intend to use them of not .

    Image Credit of http://androidworld.nl/apps/google-trip-beta/

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