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    Google came with huge new Apps and features for the new Android which is going to be called Android N , you’ll start seeing huge changes on how your android operating system runs in your Mobile devices such as Samsung , LG , HTC and so on .


    I’m actually talking about new services such as DUO which is a FaceTime App that will allow a new way of video conference and Allo as a new way of texting , maybe it’s going to be the next WhatsApp ! . 


    Google is not stopping from there , the tech giant never forget to improve it’s Android wear to make the Wear operates better with wearable devices such as Smartwatches , Virtual reality gadgets and wearable glasses.


    But the major changes in terms of operation will be seen on the Android N , Google doesn’t give any details about if it did any improvement concerning security , battery life and storage related issues .


    We have to wait for couples of week to see what are the full changes on the Android N .

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