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  • Facebook is designing a new communication model 

    facebook designing a new communication modelAfter Achieved 800 users worldwide, Facebook can take advantage of it’s Facebook messenger to change the way we communicate , a lot of changes coming on the communication industry .

    Facebook decides to provide video calls through Facebook messenger App as well as enabling integration of your own cellphone number into the messenger with options to put multiples of number in a same account .

    That mean you’ll be able to integrate your personal phone and business number in a same place and communicate through messenger without obligation to use the tradition SMS App that comes with our smartphones as a default message App .

    What is more interesting about it is that , Facebook will be the strongest wireless service provider and can turn things into a new communication model .

    In the near future we might not need to subscribe to a wireless service provider , Facebook will have all options such as providing Wifi services , Phone numbers and might. Became the only wireless service provider in the world or a big wireless wholesaler .

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