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    Blackberry users will not be happy to what happens between the Canadian company and Facebook/Whatsapp , According to IBTimes UK Whatsapp and Facebook decide to cease their App to work on Blackberry 10 and any BBOS related devices .

    If you’re a Blackberry fan , it’s better to get the new Blackberry which is an Android device , this decision would not effect any Blackberry that runs under Android operating system but just BBOS .

    The good thing for it maybe in the Blackberry side , It will motivate all Blackberry Smartphone users who don’t wants to use any smartphone but Blackberry smartphones to upgrade and switch to the new Blackberry which is built on Google’s Android .

    Blackberry cannot make these Tech giants to step back on their decisions because they know exactly why they taking such as decision . for exemple everyone knows that Blackberry devices are not being used like before . The company still have chances to overhault this problem by promoting it’s new Android smartphone and make more Android devices to attract new users as Android is the leading Mobile Operating System .

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