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The biggest purposes of buying a SmartWatch 

Do you have a SmartWatch ? You definitely need one for these reasons ; do you exercise, are you always busy at work . I have three wearable devices , Moto 360 2nd Generation which is my favorite Wear because … Read More »

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Can we trust Wearables heart rate Data !

This question is coming from millions of minds at this time after Media Attention Focuses on New Fitbit Heart Rate Accuracy that Study Confirming Significant Inaccuracies in Device Data .

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Virtual Reality could change the future of education

Virtual Reality wearable devices will have big impact on the future of education and learning , these devices shouldn’t be only for video games but also a big opportunity for the future of our education and learning ! If we … Read More »

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Moto 360 Smartwatch compatibility on iPhones

Just purchased Moto 360 second generation Smartwatch which is one of the best wearable devices the wearable industry has known . The Smartwatch look really beautiful and fancy in terms of fashion , it will sharpen your wrist and make … Read More »

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Traditional wearable makers about to perish !

Since the evolution of the wearable technology emerging , many Watch makers are struggling because of the Apple Watch , Samsung Gears and motorola’s Moto360 . When you say swatch we remember the world’s most beautiful watch that everyone enjoyed to … Read More »

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Samsung glasses to be released ?

Smart glasses is also going to be a competitive market , after google glasses , Samsung glasses may soon be the next smart glasses the world will known .

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Why Google should prioritize wearable technology !

Wearable technology is a trending business where the biggest tech companies and smartphones makers are investing like Apple , LG , Samsung , Huawei and so on .. But Google is not showing no significant attention on this industry ! … Read More »

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World’s most Amazing Mobile apps that should have existed

Do your le how many Apps already exist on these apps stores ?  No matter how many apps are already been submitted on the stores like apple’s AppStore or Google’s GooglePlay , there’s lot of things missing . Don’t tell … Read More »

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Samsung to build new Smartwatches on Tizen 

Samsung is taking a big responsibility by deciding to build it’s coming wearable device ” ” on Tizen , Tizen is the only operating system that Samsung could use to survive and make itself looks different with others android devices … Read More »

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Why Apple Watch doesn’t have a Web Browser

The apple watch is really wonderful in terms of design and engineering but the Cupertino tech giants missed to put a web browser that might allow users to browse websites and blogs .

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