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Google reinvent Android 

Google came with huge new Apps and features for the new Android which is going to be called Android N , you’ll start seeing huge changes on how your android operating system runs in your Mobile devices such as Samsung … Read More »

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Google’s new travel app is a hard-knock for Yelp 

According to the German Blog then picked up by 9to5google . Google would begin testing a mobile App for the world travelers , the app is being trailed by a group of testers . The App will provides features such … Read More »

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Facebook and Whatsapp forsaking Blackberry 10 and ……

Blackberry users will not be happy to what happens between the Canadian company and Facebook/Whatsapp , According to IBTimes UK Whatsapp and Facebook decide to cease their App to work on Blackberry 10 and any BBOS related devices . If … Read More »

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Huawei Mate 8 announces Chinese smartphones in the US market

After ZTE , Huawei the world’s third smartphone maker enter the US market with it’s amazing Mate 8 , a smartphone similar to theSamsung Galaxy S6 in terms of features and has little bit more battery life than the Samsung … Read More »

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Is Samsung foldable smartphones are really in demand ?

After announcing a foldable smartphone , Samsung Users are divided about it , whether Foldable smartphone is in demand or a style ?  Samsung doesn’t say when to release this foldable Mobile device that likely to be for women not … Read More »

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Why Google should prioritize wearable technology !

Wearable technology is a trending business where the biggest tech companies and smartphones makers are investing like Apple , LG , Samsung , Huawei and so on .. But Google is not showing no significant attention on this industry ! … Read More »

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Why should you buy Galaxy S6 instead of Galaxy S6 Edge !

Samsung latest Galaxy smartphones confuse android fans , most of the Samsung Galaxy users bought Galaxy S6 Edge instead of Galaxy S6 which is less beautiful in term of shape and design . But if you choosing wisely between these … Read More »

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Huawei Ascend P8lite Review

The new Huawei Smartphones are really amazing and even can be compared with Samsung’s Smartphones , Huawei Devices match Samsung smartphones in features

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Mobile ad block a hard knock for the Advertsiing industry

Mobile Ad block is resulting a big loss for the advertising industry which Google is the leading company , Yahoo , Google biggest internet sites includes News , Magazines , Apps

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Pepsi to invest on smartphones

Pepsi announces it’s intention to release a smartphones in China . Pepsi may not be the only brand to start investing on smartphones because there will be a new way for brands to get more visibility as people spend more … Read More »

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