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  • Can we trust Wearables heart rate Data !


    This question is coming from millions of minds at this time after Media Attention Focuses on New Fitbit Heart Rate Accuracy that Study Confirming Significant Inaccuracies in Device Data .

    Maybe you are one of those who own one of these beautiful wearable devices such as Smartwatches and any other bands fro multiple purposes . I use Apple Watch and Motorola’s MOTO 360 2nd Gen Smartwatch , not only to make call , receive call or answering text messages and emails , but to easily know my heart rate and get alerts concerning my health forecast .

    Reading this article concerning Fitbit’s heart rate data inaccuracy is driving me to ask this question and i know millions of wearable devices holders will have to ask the same question , If those Heart Rate Data from their wearable devices are accurate ?

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