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  • Can Google Cloud Tech destroys DropBox ?


    Just had to  review about how many people use DropBox cloud storage comparing to those who use Google’s Drive which is Google’s Cloud technology that allow you to backup pictures , videos , contacts and documents on your Android device or on your laptop with Google web browser ” Chrome .

    Dropbox is a popular cloud technology that millions of people use , on Web , mobile to storage any time of files includes documents , picture , videos and even notes  .

    This cloud technology is dominated on smartphones , and still not clear to say if Google’s Drive can destroy Dropbox , Google can even acknowledge honestly that Drive is not the leading cloud storage App on android smartphones .

    Android users still struggling about phone capacity and storage problem ! my conclusion is if Android users don’t understand how Google Drive works or Google drive is not a solution for their storage problems ? and what would be Google’s role on helping Android users resolves their storage struggles .

    Image Credit : GoogleDrive.com

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