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  • Apple might changes it’s IOS structure on the iPhone 7


    After the polemic of San Bernardino FBI said they were able to access the iPhone without the help of Apple which refused to help the Federal bureau of investigation , Apple didn’t want to do it due to privacy protection .

    But it FBI were able to access the iPhone means that any gifted hacker would have a way to break Apple’s iPhones ? Or by aware that there’s a way to do so . If yes , is Apple ready to change it’s IOS Architecture to prevent this in the coming iPhones ?

    These questions are very important as Apple iPhones are the most trusted smartphones in the world , would Apple keep it’s reputation to make iPhone the most complicated Mobile OS to break ?

    One of the reason why I like iPhone is because it has too much restrictions and I would not be surprised if the I see changes and new restrictions on the Apple iPhone 7 in terms of security and architect , let’s wait and see what Apple will bring to confirm it’s Mobile empire .

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