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    Apple going to release it’s seven’s iPhone baby in September as usual , this coming iPhone suppose to be different with previous iPhones in terms design , speed , built-In quality , sound technology and more .

    When i mention sound technology is because of a big change that Apple intend to make due to first time Beats Audio integration on the Apple iPhone which will make a big impact in terms of Music and video streaming .

    You may now be able to listen to music wirelessly from the Apple iPhone 7 directly to the beats audio .

    And Apple traditional headphones which is called Earbuds might disappear if the beats Audio integration come to live .

    The Processor on the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus might have little bit of changes to boost speeds on the iPhone 7 .

    The design of iPhone 7 will remains the same but Apple intend to make more iPhone 7 Plus than regular iPhone 7 due to number of online order than Apple delayed last year because they were surprise of the attraction of the 5.5 resolution which is the iPhone 6S Plus that sold more than the regular 4.7 .

    The public is really impatient for the release of the 7 generation of Apple to see how big changes would affect new iPhones .

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