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  • 4G is coming to dumb Phones

    It soon be a reality , accessing 4G with your Dumb Phone is soon possible . This is a great move and will allow elders to be able to use Flip Phone as it’s the easier way for them to see but having Internet in a 4G speed will be fantastic .

    Weeks ago after Nokia announced a great news to bring back it’s Nokia 3310 , an old Model of Mobile Phone that have been commercialized in 2000 , another great news is that 4G is coming soon on your Dumb Phone . 
    This is not only for old people who prefer Flip or Dumb Phones because they have larger buttons they can see , but also for low key people who prefer using modest Phone that people usually refer as Dumb Phones .

    In terms of Security , it would be a great move as some people prefer to use those phones because of thinking that it’s not easy to locate or track .

    The evolution of Mobile a reality and comtinues to surprise us with amazing moves .

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