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  • Worst mistakes to avoid on WhatsApp


    You may be using the most growing messaging app and ignoring the risks that might disturb your life . I write this article for you to know those risks me find a way to avoid them .

    Phone Number : first thing to think about is your phone number , once you start using WhatsApp with a phone number ,it’s not easy to leave it as you want , remember how much data have you saved with those private conversation that no one have to have access to it . Your WhatsApp number should be a lifetime number So be careful !

    Backups : backup is Themistocles fragile thing as well , reminder all those videos sent or received are stored and backup on the cloud server which mean that your Gmail address became more important that your billfold , consider what to backup what not to backup , so be careful !

    Sim Card : When it comes to WhatsApp, Sim Card is the most important thing . It doesn’t work without Sim Card , if someone have your Sim Card they can screw you and would be able to backup all your conversation histories includes pictures and videos , they would also have access to all your contacts and able to see who you having affairs with . Don’t let no one have access to tour Sim Card , so be careful !

    Keep those three important part when you use WhatsApp, it can be a good thing as itch be a bad thing , if you have anything to say about article , please comment or send us an email .

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