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  • 3 reasons LG will take over Android


    These are couples of hints that LG will be  the best Android devices in the coming years , based on Design , Features and Marketing Strategy , this company will

    take over the Android Market Share .


    1 – Design , in terms of design , you can see how creative LG is and is more obvious on it’s LG G Series where a smartphone is definitely invented as you can see on the power button , Volum button and a very high quality HD that would make you feel like you want to lick the screen .
    2 – Features , the company come with different features that attract geeks such as taking selfie sing your palm , touches to send the phone to sleep or to wake the screen etc
    3 – Marketing model , the company doesn’t advertise too much and we all know that when a company do too much advertising it will starts getting into it’s clients nerves .
    consumers can tell you how much they hate advertisement mostly when it comes to showing too much ads on TV , Newspaper , Videos etc .
    companies have to learn that , too much advertisement kills advertisement .
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